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General Questions

How does this site work?

This site attempts to calculate a standardized score to gauge the quality of rare items. Each rare mod is assigned a set of weights for several different use cases.

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Scores? Sigma?

An item's score is calculated based off of the weights for a specific use case. Each rare item will have a different score for each use case. The score will not change as more items are added to the database

An item's sigma is calculated based off of the average and standard deviation of all the ring's in the database. This value will change as more items are added to the database! This will likely change a lot initially, then settle down as the database grows larger.

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I have a ring with a single resistance greater than 30, but the ring form says that's impossible?

Fire res, Light res, Cold res, and Poison res, all have a maximum roll of 30 for rings. However, if all resistances rolls in addition to a specific resistance, that resistance can show a value greater than 30, up to 30 + 11 (for rare rings). This does not mean the value for that resistance rolled greater than 30, it just means the ring rolled pretty high values for both all resistances and a specific resistance (that's good!)

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I have a rare ring with 8 mods but the form says the max is 7?

Just like the above example, when a rare item rolls both 'AllRes' and a specific res, it will show as 4 different mods when in fact it is only 2 mods.

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Blog FAQ: My ring has a resistance above 30

Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

This site has a google analytics tag in the html head, and google adsense code throughout the site. So... whatever they do.

What will you do with my email?

I will email you whenever I release new updates. That's it.

Do I need an account?

Nope, it's only if you want to keep track of your own items or set your own weights.


How can I contact you?

The best way is with this contact form.

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