D2 Charsi Food

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D2 Charsi Food

Is this rare item any good, or Charsi food?

Dec 08, 2021




Dec 08, 2021

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Every item in Diablo 2 has some level of randomness with how each specific mod can roll. With uniques and runewords these are fairly constrained. 6 bo CTA = good, 1 bo = bad; easy to tell if it's good or not.

But for rare items it's not so easy to tell what's good and what's Charsi food. Rare items can roll any number of different mods, and each of those mods will have it's own random roll from 0 to the max.

Some mods are more useful than others (+life is way better than +stamina). But some mods are only useful in specific scenarios, such as + magic find is only good for Player vs Monster and not for Player vs Player.

How this site works

This site attempts to use data to answer the question on every d2 player's mind, "is this Charsi food?"

Rare items are scrutinized under a variety of different use cases. We consider character play style (caster or melee), as well as environment (PvP or PvM).

Each use case will assign weights to each rare mod. More desirable traits (life, resist all, etc) receive a high weight, and less desirable traits (stamina, light radius) receive a lower weight.

Each rare item will then have a score calculated for every possible use case, according to the mods that it rolled, as well as the roll of each specific mod.
The ideal score is defined as the sum of the 6 most desirable (heaviest weighted) traits.

The Math

The math is straight forward:
Ideal score = sum of top 6 weights for this useCase
Weight for each mod = (roll / max roll) * ModWeight
Total weight for each rare item = sum of weights for each mod
Score = Total weight / ideal score * 100

Thus, we can calculate a single score to compare rare items to each other even if they have completely different mods!

Compare to other items

Taking this one step further, this site saves every item ever entered, and calculates the average and standard deviation of all the scores. They tend to form a normal gaussian distribution.
Thus each rare item can be compared to the average spread, and calculate how many standard deviations away from the average.

This site uses the term 'sigma' to show # of standard deviations away from the average.

  • Sigma < 0 -> below average Charsi Food!!!
  • Sigma > 0 -> above average
  • Sigma > 1 -> better than 84% of all other items
  • Sigma > 2 -> better than 97.7% of all other items GFG!!!

I made this site in an effort to try to organize and purge my own mules. I was hoarding almost every rare ring I found, I even made a mule specifically for rings! Tracking all rings like this has already helped me finally clear out some of the garbage I've been holding on to, and I hope it will help you too.
I only had 63 rings, which is a fairly small sample set. I expect the calculated averages/standard deviations to change a lot as more people add more rings, but eventually they should stabilize.


At the time of writing only rings are supported, but I am working on adding support for other rare items:

  • Amulets
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Jewels
  • Circlets


Official d2CharsiFood.com discussion thread on FragmentShader.com

I am very interested in your feedback! contact me.
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Email: ozzy@d2charsifood.com
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Comments :
jinfat Apr 06, 2023

great work , excellent website

ozzy Dec 31, 2022

Thanks Papo! :)

papo Dec 26, 2022

Thanks bro 🙏 this is amazing!!! Great work.

ozzy Dec 12, 2022

Enter the max damage :)

iBaaledUrMom Dec 08, 2022

Hey, when entering an elemental damage value stat on an item, do you put the max damage or the average value between the min and max?

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