Weights for Rings

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Weights for Rings

How are the weights determined for the ring use cases?

Jan 07, 2022




Jan 07, 2022

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Rare vs Crafted vs Magic

The hard caps for each mod are defined as the hard cap for a rare ring (ie: 11 all res, as opposed to magic rings which can have 15 all res).

This puts crafted rings at a slight advantage since they can roll 8 mods while rare rings are limited to 7. But RNG is RNG and that doesn't always mean a better ring; though it does make it possible to roll a score greater than 100.

Likewise, magic rings are at a disadvantage since they can only roll 2 mods. However they do have a slight advantage of being able to roll higher values for any given particular mod (15 all res as opposed to 11 for rares).

Known issues with very good rings
  • magic rings with > 30% MF score very low, but are actually very rare and sought after

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Tier Weights

These mods are useful in all scenarios, PvP/PvM and Caster/Melee.

S Tier (+10)
  • Life
  • Strength
A Tier (+9)
  • AllRes
  • FireRes
  • LightRes
  • Dexterity
  • ReplenishLife
B Tier (+8)
  • ColdRes
  • PsnRes
  • DmgReduced
  • MagicDmgReduced
  • PsnLenReduced
C Tier (+3)
  • HalfFreeze

Truly useless mods

These mods are not useful in any situation.

  • ChanceToCast
  • LightRadius
  • Charges
  • Stamina
  • FireDmg
  • LightDmg
  • ColdDmg


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