Poison Damage

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Poison Damage

How charms can roll crazy high poison damage

Jun 20, 2022




Jun 20, 2022

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Poison Damage on Charms

Pestilent small charm of Anthrax. The maximum amount of poison damage on a small charm. Pestilent offers 175 poison damage over 6 seconds, and anthrax offers 50 poison damage over 6 seconds. Thus, the max poison damage should be 225 (175 + 50), right? WRONG!

Diablo 2 uses a much more nuanced algorithm to combine poison damage whenever a charm rolls both a prefix and suffix with poison damage. Instead of adding the damage directly, instead it adds the poison damage per second. And then it sums up the total time, rather than merging.

Toxic Small Charm of Anthrax

Let's use a the charm in the featured image as an example, Toxic small charm of Anthrax.

Toxic does 100 poison damage over 5 seconds, which is 20 poison damage per second.

Anthrax does 50 poison damage over 6 seconds, which is 8.33 poison damage per second.

Together, they will do 20 + 8.33 = 28.33 poison damage per second, for a total time of 5 + 6 = 11 seconds.

Thus, the total damage done is 28.33 * 11 = 311.63.

But wait, it clearly has 313 poison damage over 11 seconds, not 311, or even 312, what gives? Well this has to do with a small rounding error and the fact that Diablo 2 runs at 25 frames per second. I worked out the math above by dividing by seconds, but in reality the calculations happen in frames, and there is 1 buffer frame.

Let's get real technical

Diablo 2 uses 25 frames per second. Let's re-do the above calculations, but with frames instead of seconds.

Toxic does 100 poison damage over 125 frames (5*25), which is 0.8 poison damage per frame.

Anthrax does 50 poison damage over 150 frames (6*25), which is 0.333 poison damage per frame.

Together, they will do 0.8 + 0.333 = 1.133 poison damage per frame, for total frames = 125 + 150 + 1 = 276 frames.

Thus, the total damage done is 1.133 * 276 = 312.7, which comfortably rounds to 313.

This site currently cannot score that

Sorry but at this point in time the charm algorithm does not yet support this situation. I'm working on figuring out how to include it.


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