v2.8.2 Release Notes

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v2.8.2 Release Notes

Misc fixes

Jun 20, 2022




Jun 20, 2022

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What's new in version 2.8.2

Mostly fixes to hard caps and level requirements.

Note: sorry but I did have to delete all the existing charms! I won't have to do this again... hopefully... lol

Fixed hard caps
Fixed Charm Level Requirements
  • Snake's on grand charms set to level 18
  • of Greed on grand charms set to level 18
  • Lucky on grand charms set to level 1
  • Toxic on small charms set to level 55
  • Pestilent on grand charms set to level 34
New blog posts
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed reference value used for charm magic find scoring to 7
  • Fixed issue with email which caused Server Error 500 on several pages, including the contact page.


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