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Rune Exchange

Mar 25, 2022




Mar 25, 2022

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Beta Testing

The Rune Exchange is currently in beta testing!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the alpha test! I've taken that experience and added lots of improvements.

Rune Exchange

Rune Exchange

The goal of this rune exchange feature is to determine a baseline way to gauge the value of different runes and rune combinations, using real-time market driven data.

Pgem Equivalent

This exchange uses pgem equivalent prices.

When selling a rune, you can specify a minimum pgem equivalent asking price, and users can bid arbitrary rune combinations to try to meet that price.

When buying a rune, you can specify arbitrary rune combinations and the site will automatically calculate the pgem equivalent for the entire offer.

Making an order

All orders are valid for 1 week. If not filled within 1 week, the order will be automatically deleted.

When making a SELL order:
Specify a pgem equivalent asking price for the rune you are selling. This order can be satisfied by any rune combination which meets the overall minimum asking price.

When making a BUY order:
Specify the rune combination you offer for the rune you want to buy.

Taking an order

All open orders are listed in the open order book. BUY orders are listed with the highest offer price first, and likewise SELL orders are listed with the lowest asking price first.

When you accept an open order, the maker will be notified via email. A new chat window will be created on the site for the maker and taker to coordinate for themselves a time and game.


The candles shown in the trade history chart are a convenient graphic for viewing how prices have changed over time.

Each candle shows some information of the trades that happened over that last time frame (15 minutes, hourly, or daily).

  • Open: first price in that time window
  • Close: last price in that time window
  • High: highest price in that time window
  • Low: lowest price in that time window

This is just to give this rune exchange more of a crypto/stock exchange look and feel.


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