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Milli Stone of Jordan

May 17, 2022




May 17, 2022

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Milli Stone of Jordan

Milli Stone of Jordan, or msoj for short. 1 Stone of Jordan = 1000 msoj. Msoj is a currency which can be used here on You can include it in a bid, as well as runes and pgems.

Read the msoj white paper

Minting new msoj

New msoj can only be created when a Partner Creator submits a valid Proof-of-Diablo.

Any user that has turned in an actual in-game Stone of Jordan to that Partner Creator will then be awarded with 1000 new msoj per Stone of Jordan. The Partner Creator must verify receipt of the in-game soj.

Ladder season reset

Because msoj is minted by turning in real in-game items, the newly minted msoj is region-constrained.

All users have 4 msoj balances:

  • Hardcore Ladder
  • Softcore Ladder
  • Hardcore Non-Ladder
  • Softcore Non-Ladder

When ladder seasons reset, all Ladder msoj balances will be added to their respective Non-Ladder balance, and the Ladder balance will be reset to 0.

Every ladder season everyone starts with 0 msoj, until the first diablo clone walk!

Backed by blockchain

The integrity of this currency is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it is 100% transparent and designed to be computationally-easy to verify.

I am still implementing the actual protocol/code for this, but expect more details to appear on this blog post.

Read the msoj white paper

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